Carl Wiens
September 2008
Day Off
Being an illustrator is one career path that you can explain easily to a child but not to a grown up. I get to stay at home an draw pictures all day. That's a bit of an oversimplification, but the commute is a 5 second walk and the hours are verrry flexible.What's the joy of being self employed if you can't treat yourself to a day off now and then?
Jacob sanding away the slivers
My kids were home from school on Friday - one of those teacher development days. I asked Jacob what he wanted to do, and he suggested building stilts. One 2 x 4 cut in half width & lengthwise by the guys at the lumber yard and we were ready to go. Everybody pitched in with drills and sanders.
Simple construction - alive for $4.55. Cheapest project ever.
Lucas sets up
He's off!
Graceful dismount
Jacob in fine form - it's not easy!
This shot totally didn't turn out but I think it's my favorite
We took the dog for a very long bike ride/walk and built a campfire after dinner. One of those days where I didn't spot a cloud in the sky and we didn't go in the house all day long. Early bedtime for the lads all that fresh air and I was knocked out too.
I do a monthly feature for This Old House, illustrating plans for family projects. I think my posts on building an ice rink landed me the gig. They are great folks to work with and I enjoy doing the technical drawings.
Here's the plans I illustrated for building adjustable stilts.
Up to speed
The January 2009 page of the NPR calendar, folks. These are the little guys who live inside your radio. I had a large box of these calendars land on my back porch today. Drop me a line if you'd like a copy!
I'm kind of excited about getting back to into some kind of working routine after another whirlwind summer. Too much rain, renovating & running with and after the kids. I always overarch every year when the warm weather hits. There's just so much to do. Now that it's a bit cooler I can think a bit more clearly.
I got a nice surprise when my complimentary copies of the new NPR calendar arrived today. I had a lot of fun with this image and had to the chance to play with some mad science.
Here's hoping the gremlins have all been worked out.
In other news....
Today was the day the CERN large hadron collider went online. Doomsayers have been fretting that the massive research facility would spawn a black hole that would consume the earth. Fortunately, for all of us, this hasn't happened.
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