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A visit from the future

MAY 1, 2009
I climbed into my time machine to visit the year 2020. It was so cool! Flying cars and monorails. My feet are a bit soggy, but all in all a great trip!

Luckily, I took my sketchbook along. I lost my camera and wallet along the way. I hate when that happens.

Good news, cyclists! In the future, the balance is tipping in your favor. This is NOT critical mass.
In the future, all the people are, shall we say, very experienced and 'mature'. None of that Logan's Run sandman nonsense.
If you find my wallet in 11 years, please give me a call. The camera I can replace. Damned time machine is on the fritz, it'll take eons to get a repairman in.

In the future, theaters are still around. Believe it or don't. Great service too.
In the future, all cities are domed.
You should see the sunsets. REALLY colorful.

I was able to publish these in Westchester Magazine. Aiko Masazumi was great to work with. The bottom piece went to Jeff Smith at Tornado design. I'm going to take a break now. Travelling through that extra dimension can really wring you out!

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