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Hoser Report

JANUARY 3, 2008
Did you see that NHL outdoor game on New Years Day? Over 70,000 fans packed Ralph Wilson stadium in Buffalo, which was hit with its usual dollop of lake effect snow. (We got about a foot of the white stuff here as well). Pittsburgh Penguins' captain Sidney Crosby stole the show, crashing the net and getting an assist in the first 21 seconds.  He also scored the game winner in a shootout with about half an inch of fluffy snow covering the rink. Pond hockey!
Lucas weighing down the shovel to pack the snow. Flekker doing his own thing
During the first intermission we headed outside and began building the rink. The snow makes a great base so that I can get a level surface. It takes a bit of smoothing and my son Lucas was eager to help out.
Ice is rough right now, but things will even out.
The cold is intense and the ice pops and crackles when the water hits the ice. I love that sound. I have been running the hose almost around the clock. I have to hurry to get the ice in, looks like it is going to warm up next week. If the ice is thick enough it can withstand a melt. One or two floods and we are back in business.

When I was a kid the winter lasted for months. Now you have to work like a maniac when it gets cold to get this thing done.

Skatable ice tomorrow.

Happy New Years, Drawgers!
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