Carl Wiens
October 2009
Light up!
Paul Rogers posted his entry to the Enlightened show last week. I thought I'd share my contribution to the show as well.

I'm very happy to be a part of this show, hosted by Jeff Smith and Al Quattrocchi at Tornado Design (great guys to work with). I'm looking forward to seeing the entries of other Drawgers, there's an incredible list of contributors to the show.

I've been keeping a digital sketchbook of sorts lately, so I thought about several options and decided to 'run' with this mechanical motif. Designing the lampshade meant wrapping around a 360 degree surface, so I thought a pattern would be a good idea. I created seven different characters, repeated in three rows. Here is one section of the pattern.

I call this piece 'electric pyjamas'. It was nice to let loose & really enjoyed its creation.

the full frieze
Hopefully you can make it out to the show. Check out the rest of the entries here or preorder as well.

Enlighten! One Night of Light

 Artist Lamp Show benefiting Inner-City Arts
One Night Only! Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009 • 5-11 PM
Helms Bakery Building, 8723 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA

Mixing it up
Avocado and pumpkin. Stylish colors for culinary appliances back in 1969. I had some fun and a took a bit of a stylistic departure for this assignment. Mixing things up.

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of its Taste section and I was asked to cook up something special for the cover by Leslie Plesser.

Here's a few sketches. Too bad the astronaut didn't fly. Maybe I should have put the kitchen on the moon.

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