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OCTOBER 9, 2008
Is the sky falling? Are we spiraling towards another Great Depression or is the market 'fundamentally sound'?
I got a call from Kim Bost to work on a piece for today's NYT OpEd page. It's an article by Robert Reich, former Labor Secretary under the Clinton administration - a fairly impressive performer at the time.
Reich's piece 'Saved by the Deficit' is both damning and somewhat hopeful, some sober thinking in an atmosphere of panic where he parallels today's conditions with 1993, the year Clinton took office.
Kim was great to work with, although she threw out my first round of drawings (which was for the better). It's exciting to weigh in on such a critical discussion.
You can read the article here
One of the first round sketches. I was working with overlays so I had to put the piece together to see how it would work. Whenever I get this detailed the piece never makes it to print!
In the end I was happy with how the piece turned out. I hope that some serious thinking goes into the next administration. Whoever inherits this thing is going to have one hell of a mess on their hands!
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