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Support your local farmer

AUGUST 6, 2007
Last year I produced this poster for the local effort to promote local agriculture. Here's the image, inspired by farming labels and posters from the 30's and 40's.
Eat locally grown food.

I've been reading this over and over lately. Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Connect with your neighbors? Eat better tasting, ripe food? Visit a farmers market. Eat foods produced within 100 miles of where you live. Eat at restaurants that serve locally-based menus. Ever heard of slow food?
be a locavore!
Nothing like fresh strawberries, or corn on the cob. Our family belongs to an organically-grown farm co-op, we have been doing this for the past five years (Vicki's Veggies). It is the best-tasting, freshest food. I am a nut for snap peas fresh off the vine. And tomatoes with real flavor.
Looking for the right eggplant
What a crazy-mixed up summer this has been. I have been scrambling this year to keep up with a lot of work and family vacation time (which can be really exhausting!)

I am going up to the cottage to work on phase 2 of the treehouse this week.