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Summer begins

MAY 20, 2007
The water is fine
The May 'two-four' weekend officially kicks off the Canadian summer. This holiday was officially designated to honour good Queen Victoria's birthday. Her memory is largely obliterated as this date now sounds the alarm sending all off on a scramble madly cramming all of the fun we can into the brief summer months. Get that garden in!  Put the boat in the water! Open up the cottage!

Our sleepy little community was overrun on Friday with hordes of noisy pleasure-seeking tourists. Look out for that Winnebago! Mind your step crossing Main Street, somebody has some relaxing to do, and needs to get there fast!

I did my part by lining up at the beer store on Saturday, buying a 2-4 (cheers, Victoria). We had some friends over to the house for drinks. All the beer was gone in the morning. Success!

This ended my mad spring-cleaning and gardening frenzy. The house looks  great. I haven't had much time to relax lately. Can't wait to jump into the lake for the first swim. About ten minutes from where we live there's a beautiful shallow bay and miles of sandy beach. We take the kids for a swim on sunny afternoons.

I am looking forward to cycling, camping and the cottage this summer. Got any plans?
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