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From the Depths of Outer Space

MARCH 22, 2007
Talk about a niche market!
Looking for a perfect and nearly-unique moniker for your new arrival? Look no further....

When we decided to name our son Jacob (after my grandfather), I had no idea that everyone else was thinking the same thing. Jacob has shot to the top of the most popular boys names list. A bit of a surprise. Now a small sea of heads turn when we shout out his name at the hockey rink or on the soccer pitch.

If you want your kid to stand out, perhaps you should consider Anakin, Worf, or Morpheus. How about Zardoz? These are a few of the 500 Sci-Fi Baby Names, Published by Quirk Books (release date September, written by Robert Schnakenberg). A must for the ubernerd parents-to-be on your gift list.

I'd like to see a volume of wacky Rock star kid names like Zowie or Moon Unit (maybe it's already done...)

I had lots of fun with this cover art!
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