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Heads Up

AUGUST 30, 2011
It's been an action packed summer. Time to shake the sand off my feet and settle back into the studio.

One of the nice things about assignment illustration is the great people we get to work with, and one of the nicest is SooJin Buzelli.  SooJin always brings out the best in the people she works with. Here is the latest illustration for Planadviser.

The concept for this piece was a primer on getting started in shooting video, and getting eyes focused on your finished product.

I had another piece 'run' in the spring edition as well. More robotic fun!

My Mecanismos prints are heading to the Oeno Gallery this fall. I will be framing all 100 for a show on November 26 and we are also putting together a book. It's always cool to see a project like this grow from an idea, evolve and find a physical form, and find a venue and home.