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Heavy Thinkers March 4 Saw the movie 'Shape of Water' and I loved the machine aesthetic of the sets. I collect old technical journals... Season Opener April 1 I am excited to participate in this year's Season Opener, a group show at the Steamwhistle Brewery in Toronto,... Work, Life & the Studio October 23 I have made a lot of changes in my work and life this fall. I began teaching at Sheridan, a huge leap for me in... Hard Knock Renovations February 15 I own a house that was built over 100 years ago. I know renovations. I have resurfaced, remodelled and repainted... Studio overhaul September 3 I grew up working in construction. Learning how to build is an important asset for me. I use it when I put an... Portable Dad June 19 With father's day approaching I thought I would post this recent project for Perseus Books. If you... Meltdown March 12 No. Not referring to the banking system.  I've had a few folks ask me about the rink, so I thought I'd put up some... Ice Cold January 15 It's an annual obsession and it's back in the backyard. This year conditions were perfect and I was able to get the... balance October 14 Löyly is the finnish word for steam. There is nothing like the rush of heat you feel when water hits hot rocks.... Day Off September 20 Being an illustrator is one career path that you can explain easily to a child but not to a grown up. I get to stay at... Last skate March 4 March thaws almost claimed the rink this week, but I was able to pull it back one last time. This years' rink build has... Hoser Report January 3 Did you see that NHL outdoor game on New Years Day? Over 70,000 fans packed Ralph Wilson stadium in Buffalo, which was... Getting ready for the Show December 20 Not a gallery, or the big time. I'm talking about the annual family production known as Christmas.A little drywall... Winter Chills December 2 An unusually cold winter is forecast this year for large portions of North America. Weather experts cite the Oceanic... In the treetops October 13 Breezy fall day. Achingly blue sky, trees ablaze with colour. Time to close up the cottage for the season.Last week I... COLD! huh! Good Gawd, What is it good for? February 8 This is a follow up to an earlier posting, a response to the rumblings about the cold weather around here. I am... the backyard rink January 19 I've been watching the long-term forecasts carefully waiting for a week-long freeze. Those of you who know me know that...
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