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Heavy Thinkers March 4 Saw the movie 'Shape of Water' and I loved the machine aesthetic of the sets. I collect old technical journals... Postcards from the Road September 2 Here are the numbers: 21 Days - July 5 to 25 10,072 km (6,258 miles) 115 hours of driving 1,036 L of... Season Opener April 1 I am excited to participate in this year's Season Opener, a group show at the Steamwhistle Brewery in Toronto,... Science of the Times January 23 We live in an age of uncertainty. I illustrated this article for the New York Times Science section this past week... Summer Shows June 29 He is enigmatic. He is misunderstood. He is benevolent. He is a primeval archetype. His origins are shrouded in the... Mecanismos June 20 Creativity can be daunting at times. Sometimes it's like reading a compass without a needle. What direction to... Get Out! April 28 I love what I do and I'm lucky to have a really great studio. But if I don't get outside I go crazy. Time... Out of the Blue February 3 It's a deep freeze. Great weather for making ice rinks (been a great year so far!) but my thoughts keep... Emerging November 8 Life is an offensive, directed against the repetitious mechanism of the Universe' - Alfred North Whitehead Fall! October 9 It's a Canadian Fact: "Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving at the beginning of October and yet Americans... Pop May 13 My older brother Robert (who knows way more about art than I ever will) labelled me as a pop artist when I was about... Start your engines April 13 There's nothing like the smell of fresh-cut grass after a long winter. I decided to post this after... At play March 29 'Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of... Birdhouse March 7 I've been listening to the birds singing again in the treetops, watching the snow melt. The backyard rink is... Temagami July 27 I took my son Jacob on a canoe trip to Temagami. I think I opened his eyes to a different world, something unique... Meltdown March 12 No. Not referring to the banking system.  I've had a few folks ask me about the rink, so I thought I'd put up some... Darwin's progeny February 11 Charles Darwin was born 200 years ago and the Origin of Species was published 150 years ago. His thinking changed the... Ice Cold January 15 It's an annual obsession and it's back in the backyard. This year conditions were perfect and I was able to get the... Ro-Bo-Show December 18 Harry and Mark suggested starting a show of Robot drawings in a recent post. So fire up them up and let them go to... MOvember October 28 November doesn't have a whole lot to offer. Every year at this time, I get out my sweaters and long underwear and start... balance October 14 Löyly is the finnish word for steam. There is nothing like the rush of heat you feel when water hits hot rocks.... Day Off September 20 Being an illustrator is one career path that you can explain easily to a child but not to a grown up. I get to stay at... A Night at the Drive In July 1 Happy Canada Day! I know there's more than a few Canuck Drawgers. I'm just getting ready for the bike parade, hot-dog... cmy-X June 4 There is a scene in 'X- the Man with X-Ray Eyes' where the character played by Ray Milland stumbles across the... First Time April 29 If you try something new, your brain grows (we tell our kids that if they eat something different, like a vegetable).... Aussie Oddities April 16 I've kept a sketchbook, but at the end of each day I usually drop like a dog and drift off to sleep. Traveling with... Australian Odyssey April 13 Looking for adventure? Australia goes way beyond the thrill of watching the water go down the drain in the opposite... Last skate March 4 March thaws almost claimed the rink this week, but I was able to pull it back one last time. This years' rink build has... Winter Skies February 21 Look up. Way Up.There's a giant in the sky.Tonight I dragged my son Jacob out onto the front porch to see the last... Hoser Report January 3 Did you see that NHL outdoor game on New Years Day? Over 70,000 fans packed Ralph Wilson stadium in Buffalo, which was... Winter Chills December 2 An unusually cold winter is forecast this year for large portions of North America. Weather experts cite the Oceanic... In the treetops October 13 Breezy fall day. Achingly blue sky, trees ablaze with colour. Time to close up the cottage for the season.Last week I... Hit the Ice September 30 One hour to go and I can't focus on anything else. I've been waiting all summer to get back on the ice and play. It's... Summer of the mouse August 19 Our family cottage is like heaven on earth. A rustic log cabin on a tranquil lake, sugar maple forest covering rolling... Fire Tower June 12 Knocking a spike into a 2 x 6 while balancing on another suspended fifteen feet in the air isn't everyone's idea of a... blood red moon over bosco's boneyard June 1 I just got back from a night ride. I have a headlight on my mountain bike and rolling through the forest at night is... Summer begins May 21 The May 'two-four' weekend officially kicks off the Canadian summer. This holiday was officially designated to honour... the future that never was May 16 Remember the good old days when a computerized flight simulator filled a gymnasium with vacuum tubes? Brilliant minds... Retro-robo-rama May 9 'Never work with kids or dogs' is often attributed to W.C. Fields, who had a few choice lines about both.When it comes... Modern Science April 27 I collect diagrams. I have stacks of old textbooks and science manuals, as well as shelves full of Popular Mechanics... Cryin' in my Beer March 29 Back in 2000 I got a call for my 'dream' assignment. Local brewer John McKinney invited me to create a logo and the... Saturday Morning Journal March 24 Hockey season is winding up, with only a couple of games left. My son Lucas is heading into a playoff game this morning... Jammin' February 17 Once a month the locals get together for the Prince Edward County Comix Jam. It's a mixture of young and old and... COLD! huh! Good Gawd, What is it good for? February 8 This is a follow up to an earlier posting, a response to the rumblings about the cold weather around here. I am... the backyard rink January 19 I've been watching the long-term forecasts carefully waiting for a week-long freeze. Those of you who know me know that... Snaggletooth January 13 My son Lucas is one dedicated individual. I documented his determined efforts to remove a troublesome front tooth this...
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