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Five Days in July July 5 Blue Rodeo is an iconic Canadian band that has established itself as part of the musical landscape. I was contacted... A World of Trouble October 22 Trying to make sense of things day-to-day is disorienting enough. Trying to take in the bigger picture on a global... Pirate Radio May 13 I illustrated this feature article for Phoenix Magazine. Brian Goddard, the art director told me I was a perfect fit... The Lab February 11 'Power lacks moral or principles. It only has interests.' - Horacio Castellanos Moya Raw Data October 6 I posted earlier about my regular feature with the New York Times science section, a monthly column written by... Escape July 3 I am about to escape the studio - taking the month of July off - I have an epic road trip coming up, driving across... A Fork in the Road May 13 New directions, new assignments. Here's a healthy portion of recent assignment work. Calorie-free! Medicine meets Genetics March 23 Every week, it seems, biopharmaceutical companies announce new breakthroughs in “personalized medicine”... Covering your Assets February 10 I could really use this technology. I lose my keys all the time. RFID tracking allows manufacturers and businesses... Science of the Times January 23 We live in an age of uncertainty. I illustrated this article for the New York Times Science section this past week... Machines making Machines December 1  I like to dabble in collage, building my own imaginary machines. I collect a lot of old technical catalogues... Something up my sleeve October 27 'Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.' - Mark Twain Technology... Work, Life & the Studio October 23 I have made a lot of changes in my work and life this fall. I began teaching at Sheridan, a huge leap for me in... Portrait of David Rakoff August 1 David Rakoff was an author and actor who passed away recently. If you listen to This American Life, or Wiretap... Summer Shows June 29 He is enigmatic. He is misunderstood. He is benevolent. He is a primeval archetype. His origins are shrouded in the... New Growth May 21 Dylan Thomas wrote about the 'force that through the green fuse drives the flower'. In a few short weeks,... Get Out! April 28 I love what I do and I'm lucky to have a really great studio. But if I don't get outside I go crazy. Time... The President's Brain is Missing April 21 Not a quote from Donald Trump, but the title of a brilliant and funny sci-fi story by John Scalzi, over at... A question of energy April 7 Lately the word energy brings to mind many more questions and concerns than answers. While I was working on this... Hard Knock Renovations February 15 I own a house that was built over 100 years ago. I know renovations. I have resurfaced, remodelled and repainted... Out of the Blue February 3 It's a deep freeze. Great weather for making ice rinks (been a great year so far!) but my thoughts keep... Getting the message out December 16 Can tweets be a force for positive change, can 140 characters make a difference? Can we Facebook our way into a... Emerging November 8 Life is an offensive, directed against the repetitious mechanism of the Universe' - Alfred North Whitehead MAN-o-pause October 6 Yes, the subject is men. According to a growing number of doctors, researchers and drug companies, women are not... Atwood Portrait September 15 The Walrus features excellent writing and art, commentary from a Canadian perspective. I submitted my work to the... Evolution July 1 I received a call from art director Alex Knowlton, asking for available images for use on the cover of the summer... Interview June 21 I was interviewed by Chrissy Poitras for an article in Square2 magazine, showcasing my recent screenprint and... Pop May 13 My older brother Robert (who knows way more about art than I ever will) labelled me as a pop artist when I was about... Two views April 12 A piece for Vancouver magazine, dealing with different perspectives. In this case east/west viewpoints. I think... A handful March 22 A handful of recent work Containment March 14 Can a nuclear-armed Iran be effectively contained? Big question. David Sanger in NYT's Week in Review calls... Birdhouse March 7 I've been listening to the birds singing again in the treetops, watching the snow melt. The backyard rink is... Back to Work September 10 The kids are back in school. Shhhh..........it's quiet! Now I can get some work done. Cover July 24 The art director loved it and I thought the piece worked. The client, however, does have final say. Gritty black and white July 6 In Character magazine gave me the opportunity to illustrate their 'Grit' issue. This was a project I was... Portable Dad June 19 With father's day approaching I thought I would post this recent project for Perseus Books. If you... Eek-onomy June 17 Getting a read on the economy lately is difficult at best. For every sign of an uptick, there is a handful of... Take me to your loss leader May 28 I've been building automatons and robots for a while - strictly a personal pursuit - until this assignment came... A visit from the future May 1 I climbed into my time machine to visit the year 2020. It was so cool! Flying cars and monorails. My feet are a bit... Inside the male mind April 15 An obvious and simple target? Stop right there. The subtleties of shaping young male minds is not lost on... Spotty at best April 14 Here is a round-up of sorts, a collection of unrelated assignments. I haven't posted anything for a while, so I... Widgets! Get your Widgets! December 16 Is there anything better than drawing robots? I dabble in robot doodles, but my sketches pitched for clients end up... Central Scrutinizer December 10 I recently received an assignment from Ronn Campisi. I've heard a lot of good things about him, especially from Adam... staying up in a down cycle December 3 Bears? Bottomless pits? What kind of image can capture the times we live in? With all of the institutions teetering on... the way I see it, Barry... October 31 Persistence pays off. My cover for Sci-Fi Baby Names made it into the Print Regional Annual. A first for me. I've... weighing in October 9 Is the sky falling? Are we spiraling towards another Great Depression or is the market 'fundamentally sound'? I got a... Op-Ed: food or fuel - you decide May 20 It always a thrill and challenge to get an op-ed page assignment. This piece ran in the letters section of Sunday's New... First Time April 29 If you try something new, your brain grows (we tell our kids that if they eat something different, like a vegetable).... Dots and dashes March 7 A few recent assignments.I've been working on a simplified palette and line work. Good Gig February 16 Nice to have a couple of spots running in Vancouver Magazine's Panorama section each issue.  A fun and challenging... tax cuts October 16 Last week looked like Drawger week on the NYT Op-Ed page. Brian Rea gave me a call with this assignment. What a great... Underwear Sneak Peek September 26 Has your favorite pair of briefs outlived its 'expiration' date? By a year perhaps, or by a decade or two?How many... Grow September 17 I like the concept of connecting with our surroundings - earth and elements. This image is about growth, something that... Simplify September 13 Here's a bit of a piggyback to Bob's color article. I tend to obsess and sometimes overwork colors and compostion.... Wild Life September 12 This summer has been a real trip. Alternating between a handful of vacation days and mad scrambles to keep on top of... Tainted toys and other nonsense August 16 This toxic tank engine popsicle is part of a series for the current issue of Esquire. When I worked on the art about a... Cryin' in my Beer March 29 Back in 2000 I got a call for my 'dream' assignment. Local brewer John McKinney invited me to create a logo and the... From the Depths of Outer Space March 22 Looking for a perfect and nearly-unique moniker for your new arrival? Look no further....When we decided to name our... Seeing spots March 15 Run Spots, Run!Lately I have been dispatching a large volume of spots, sent off to languish along the margins and... Anything but idle March 7 Here's a piece that ran in the 'Business of Green' section in the NYT.It's been an absolute zoo lately, working around... Optimist or Pessimist February 1 Which are you?Here's a couple of illustrations that ran in this week's New York Times. The article was titled 'Can... Green Technology January 27 I am currently working on a project for a company promoting 'zero energy' housing construction. I have posted a few of...
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