Chris Buzelli
July 2009
The Sea Collector
The Sea Collector/oil on panel/12"x12"
Maybe it's all the gloomy weather but the last few paintings have been very dark. I was asked by Mark Murphy to create a piece for the SuperHero Exhibit that will kick off the launch of Planet Illogica on Friday, July 24th during the San Diego Comic-Con. Check out the link to see all the other stunning work for the show.

The Seven Deadly Sins
Wrath/oil on board/15"x20"
I wish I had a chance to illustrate them all, but Discover magazine only wanted illustrations for two of The Seven Deadly Sins. If I had a top ten list of subjects to illustrate, this would be my number one. The AD really handed me a gift with this assignment. The article was about the science of the Seven Deadly Sins and how they trigger various parts of the brain.

Lust/oil on board/12"x16"

Sketches: Wrath1/Wrath2/Lust/Avarice
I've been fascinated with this subject ever since I was introduced to "The Seven Deadly Sins" by Paul Cadmus back in high-school. His beautifully painted panels had a profound effect on my choice to become an illustrator. They were painted back in the 1940's but they still look very contemporary. For me, they blurred the lines between fine art and illustration. I was lucky enough to meet Paul Cadmus and see his original series hanging in the Met when I was scouting out schools for college. The originals are breathtaking!

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