Chris Buzelli
May 2009
King of the Box Business
King of Boxes/Anthony Pratt/14"x17"/oil
I've been very fortunate in the last few years and I've landed jobs from all around the world. However, this was my first from Australia. BRW magazine (a business publication in Sydney) wanted a portrait of Anthony Pratt, the richest man in Australia. For the last 2 decades he has looked after the US business of Visy, a packaging and recycling company. This trompe l'oeil is definitely inspired from my freshman foundation days at RISD, creating cardboard sculptures.
I was given a couple of pictures of Pratt for reference. I've never really been a confident portrait painter but I'm really excited with the recent portrait jobs. I think I was always intimidated with making the portrait distorted or stylized in a certain way. Now, I feel like I'm relying more on the concept then the acutal style of the image. The initial Australian price quote for this job was very low compared to the US market. I stuck to my guns and with a couple of back and forth emails we met at a decent rate. It really was a joy working with a very accomidating and appreaciative art director. Thanks mate!
MicroVisions 4
My painting and 9 others are up for auction on ebay for the MicroVisions benefit. Irene Gallo asked me to participate in this years' auction to benefit the Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship fund. When I first graduated, I really could've used a little extra money. Actually, one of my first jobs, when I moved to NYC was at Society of Illustrators varnishing the wood walls around the bar. Never thought that I'd be hanging out up there one day. The paintings are all about 5"x7" to keep them affordable and the auction ends this Saturday.  So BID BID BID! A big Thank You to Irene Gallo and Dan Dos Santos for setting everything up.
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