Chris Buzelli
September 2008
Heidi Lies
oil painting 14"x20"
Even though I still ride a bike with a kick-stand, here is a painting for Bicycling magazine. The article was about an american who goes on a guided bike tour through beautiful Switzerland. The tour turns out to be a nightmare full of gale-frorce winds, freezing rain, lies, exhausting climbs and a lack of hotel chocolates. Throughout this journey, the American rider constantly searches for Swiss love with his dream Heidi.
Close-up of Heidi Lies
Murky Waters
oil painting 14"x20"
I've worked with SooJin on many illustrations for Asset Intl over the past 12 years. I can't believe they stuck with me for the first few years that I was mucking around with paint and making many mistakes. However, they stuck with me and I can't thank them and my wife, enough. Thank You!
This painting was for a financial article in PLANADVISER Magazine. The only words that SooJin gave me were "Murky Waters".
final sketch
Sea monster close-up
Sea monster close-up
Sea monster close-up
Pencil: the scenic route
oil and graphite on paper 18"x24" 'PLANSPONSOR Magazine' Outsourcing
Every so often I take a slight turn from the normal painting path in hopes of a surprise. What usually happens is that I make a sketch, blow it up, refine the sketch and then cover it all up with oil paint. I always miss the soft edges, thumb smudges and free mark-making of the drawing.
Lately I've been trying to incorporate more of my pencil drawing into my final paintings. Here are a few new illustrations with the new direction.
Close-up of 'Outsourcing'
oil and graphite on paper 18"x24"
'John Hopkins HEALTH' magazine – Pre-Teen Anxiety
Close-up of 'Pre-teen Anxiety'
Drawing for 'Succession Planning'
I also thought that I would cut some time off of the entire process. However, it seems that I've added more. The drawings now have to be more detailed and tonal for the painting to work.
oil and graphite on paper 18"x24"
'Financial Planning' magazine – Succession Planning
Close-up of 'Succession Planning'
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