Chris Buzelli
October 2007
Halloween God
12 Things You Need To Make Peace With
About every other month I illustrate a section in Men's Health Magazine. The varied subject matter is a great break from the usual serious subjects. The AD is also very flexible with my choice of imagery.
This one was for "12 Things You Need to Make Peace With."
The items ranged from; Your mortality. Your rock-star fantasy. Not enough hours in the day. The neighbors’ holiday party.
Salary Beast
"Double Your Salary"
Workaholic Cities
"Does Your City Need a Vacation"
This was a list of the top workaholic cities. They analyzed the employment rates in each city as well as how much overtime its inhabitants work and the amount of vacation days they use.
Manchester, NH, San Francisco, CA, and Denver, CO have the most workaholics.
Milwaukee, WI, El Paso, TX, and Rochester, NY know how to chill.
"Where You'll Live to 100"
This list was the top cities with the most centenarians, i.e., guys who are 100 proof.
Prostate Cancer
"Prostate Cancer"
This one was a tough one. At first, I just imagined scientific drawings of the prostate.
24 Things a Man Should Never Do
Your To-Don't List
24 Things a Man Should Never Do
Here are a few
1.Check your BlackBerry in bed. To a woman, that's like having a threesome with your boss.
2. Ask for a kiss. Her eyes will say yes or no, and nothing kills the mood like asking for a translation.
17. Hang anything -- your cellphone, your keys -- on your belt. You'll never get laid again. True story.
18. Pluck your brows. It's okay to groom. It's okay to like a woman who grooms. It's not okay to groom like a woman.
Close-up of Koi/Dragon Gate
I was hired to paint four poster images for United Airlines' new service to Beijing. The illustrations were based on ancient Chinese fables and they are to coincide with the upcoming Olympics. So far, I have seen the images in the United Airline Magazine and on their promotional emails. Friends have seen an animated version on their in-flight movie screens and on huge posters in various airports. It's great when friends/family recognize your work without the credit name. I am always scared that my work is not immediately recognizable.
Koi/Dragon Gate
The dragon was big hit with the ad agency and the client in China. So the rest of the paintings also included a dragon. However, they did not want the dragons to be similar.
Great Wall Dragon
Close-up of the Great Wall Dragon
Foo Race
Dragons Lighting Olympic Torch
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