Chris Buzelli
June 2007
I am a huge fan of music CD cover art. I used to buy CDs solely based on the cover art. Most of the time the art was better then the music. The web and itunes have ruined the fun for me.

Earlier, this year, I posted some of my favorite bands on illustrationmundo. To my surprise, I recently got a phone call from one of them. SummerBirds In The Cellar asked if I would like to illustrate their new album. They are a great new young band.

I met them at one of their concerts in NYC to discuss details. They were doing the struggling band thing and living in their van and sleeping on various couches. The job was for free. However, I was happy to do the job for a band that I love, especially while I paint. The title of the new album is "Druids" and one of the the songs is titled "Ghost Collector." This gave me the visual spark for the image.

They also wanted me to do the cover type. I did a few different versions. They actually came back and told me that they liked the cover image too much to cover it with type and decided to put the title on the back. I can't wait to see the printed CDs and t-shirts.
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