Chris Buzelli
Dubai Sinc/oil/14"x19"
This painting was for the cover of the first issue of ai5000 - a digital trade magazine targeted at institutional financial investors. The article was about the current financial crisis that has hit Dubai. The writer used a traditional middle-eastern contest called "bull-butting" (where two bulls are pitted against eachother, usually butting horns till one backs down or is hurt) as a metaphor for Dubai vs. the Recession. The Dubai Towers, which are not built yet, looked like horns so I incorporated them into the concept.
ai5000 is filled with beautiful illustrations by many fellow drawgers, illustrators and a couple of my past students. I really like that the illustrator credit lines are clickable and linked to their home page. Soojin and Asset Intl. are a huge proponent of our industry so please help support this new endeavor and subscribe for free here - ai5000 subscribe.

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