Chris Buzelli
Baltimore and 100 Heads for Haiti Show
Spur Gallery/waiting in line for the opening of 100 Haiti Heads/Ellen and Flaherty almost first in line.
The 100 Heads for Haiti show was incredible. There was a line waiting at the door before it opened and a real mad rush to get the pieces. It was so cool to see the desire from ADs, illustrators, students and just regular people to own a piece of our art. Ellen knocked everyone down and made it to the table first. I think Flaherty even got trampled in the process. Almost all were sold by the time we left. I'm proud to say that we now own a Burckhardt, a Taxali, a Clayton and a Travis Lampe. Never been to Baltimore but I was so impressed with the town. Plunkert and company are living the giant art studio dream out there. It was great meeting the Spur Design crew - David, Joyce, Alex, Jess, Al and his wife. Thank you so much for setting up a successful show and designing the beautiful poster. I'm so glad that I went.
Clockwise from top left: Gary Taxali/Christian Clayton/Mark Burchhardt/Travis Lampe
Pirate Day at Fell's Point/ Beautiful day!
A nice walk through Druid Hill Park
Part of town with old factories turned into art studios, foundries and Woodberry Kitchen restaurant.
Same area as above

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