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Macy's Flower Show

MARCH 28, 2010
Macy's Flower Show/30"x32"/oil on board
Here's my painting for the annual Macy's Flower Show. I've wanted to work on this project since seeing Matt and Gina's beautiful poster a few year's ago. And I also just wanted to paint some flowers.
Approved thumbnail sketch and color study
The painting was one of the largest that I've ever worked on. The AD wanted it as close to the final size of the printed poster as possible.
Laying in the under-painting.
I really enjoyed hand painting the type - very meditative compared to the rest of the painting. The type on the poster was different for all 5 Macy's locations (NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia and Minneapolis).
Choosing all the colors for the flowers was sort of like solving a Rubik's Cube. The colors changed many times.
Today, SooJin and I walked over to Herald Square for the opening with her parents. Surprisingly, I've lived in the city for about 15 years and I've never seen the Flower Show. The painting was everywhere - in windows, on shopping bags, on pamphlets and posters. It really was special seeing my painting in my city - NYC!
Macy's was very stingy about giving out the shopping bags unless you buy something because of the demand. However, I made a scene and finally convinced one of the managers to give me a few. This started a little impromptu shopping bag signing session.
The flowers were everywhere. So beautiful that they didn't look real. We took the flower tour and discovered this insect eater hanging over one of the columns.
Love the glowing posters. Tim O'brien sent the great pic on the right of the Macy's banner hanging in Philadelphia. I wonder how the other cities look?
Special thanks to Gregory DiBisceglie (AD) and Jen Vaughn.
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