Chris Buzelli
September 2011
Rolling Stone Show!
I remember seething with envy when my college studio-mate got a call to illustrate the music review section in Rolling Stone. I feigned a half-hearted congratulations but I just couldn't hide my astonishment. We were still in our senior year and he had landed one of the most enviable gigs in our field.  Eventually I got over it and was genuinely excited for him but I made it one of my goals to get into Rolling Stone one day. Cue the cheesy music while I hold my fist up and shout I'll GET INTO ROLLING STONE ONE DAY! I thought it was so easy back then. That all ended on my first trip to Rolling Stone where I dropped off my portfolio and got a glimpse of the hundreds of other portfolios piled before me. My work just wasn't ready yet but I never gave up. It took another 10 years before I got the magical call from Rolling Stone and I've luckily done a handful since.
Congrats to Society of Illustrators, Art Director Joseph Hutchinson and Senior Art Director Steve Charny on organizing this unique and exciting show. Rolling Stone and the Art of the Record Review show opens tonight Friday, September 9th, 6:30pm. See you at the show!
My first piece for Rolling Stone. Review for the band Darkness "One Way Ticket to Hell and Back". DeputyAD Joe Newton / AD Amid Capeci

This one proudly made it into the show and is for the band Spoon "Transference". AD Steve Charny

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