Chris Buzelli
November 2010
Ponies for Tor!
I really connected with this well-crafted short story called "Ponies" by Kij Johnson. It's a rarity that I have such a strong and visceral reaction to an article that I'm illustrating. "Ponies" is also getting strong reactions and comments from other readers on the Tor page. I don't want to give too much away but here are a few of the comments. Spoiler alert!

"DEPRESSING, CRUEL, but perhaps a too real depiction of today's youth in too many cases. (Not that yesterday's grown-ups were any better.) The writing is good, the subject questionable and the art beautiful."   -Dogpatch

"Disturbing, in the sense that it takes something as commonplace as children cruelty to the high ground of allegory, and brings it crashing back with a single, commonplace phrase. I enjoyed it, despite it managed to haunt me."   -Whiteorca
Ponies/oil on paper/4"x4"

Sketches for "Ponies"

I'm curious how you all react to this twisted tale? Thanks to Irene Gallo (AD at Tor) for thinking of me for this perfect mix of sickly sweet and painfully dark project. I'd love to illustrate an adult/children's book version of "Ponies."
Kanye for Rolling Stone
It's really a thrill getting a call from Rolling Stone to work on their music review section. I still remember years ago when I first graduated and came to NYC to drop off my portfolio at Rolling Stone. It was daunting dropping my portfolio off with the receptionist and adding to the pile of hundreds of other porfolios dropped off for the day. I can't imagine the ADs having time to go through each portfolio. It took time but I eventually snuck into the magazine many years later. I've been lucky to illustrate this section a few times and I've thouroughly enjoyed illustrating the musicians and their music.
This time it was Kanye West. Steven Charny, the great AD at RS, called with the job and asked if I could watch Kanye's new 35 minute video and then come up with some concepts. I was blown away by his epic mini-movie video called Runaway that centered around a fallen female Phoenix character. It was an awesome way to experience the entire album.
Kanye West/oil on board/12"x20"

Kanye concepts

Kanye final drawing

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