Chris Buzelli
June 2009
Penfield Poster
Croquet Ball/oil on board/16"x24"
A few months ago I was asked by Cramer-Krasselt Agency to work on The 14th Annual Croquet Ball poster benefitting the Penfield Children's Center. The Penfield Children's Center is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to help young children with disabilities reach their full potential through education, therapy services and family programs. I've never played Croquet but I'm sure a tiger would help! The posters will be auctioned off at The Croquet Ball and all the money earned goes to the Penfield Children's Center. The list of past artists was intimidating (some of my favorite illustrators): James Jean, Josh Cochran, Travis Lampe, Frank Stockton, Jon Han, Ronald Kurniawan, Eduardo Recife-Brazil, Pomme Chan-UK, Laura Plansker, Sam Weber and Jessica Hische.
Dubai Sinc/oil/14"x19"
This painting was for the cover of the first issue of ai5000 - a digital trade magazine targeted at institutional financial investors. The article was about the current financial crisis that has hit Dubai. The writer used a traditional middle-eastern contest called "bull-butting" (where two bulls are pitted against eachother, usually butting horns till one backs down or is hurt) as a metaphor for Dubai vs. the Recession. The Dubai Towers, which are not built yet, looked like horns so I incorporated them into the concept.
ai5000 is filled with beautiful illustrations by many fellow drawgers, illustrators and a couple of my past students. I really like that the illustrator credit lines are clickable and linked to their home page. Soojin and Asset Intl. are a huge proponent of our industry so please help support this new endeavor and subscribe for free here - ai5000 subscribe.

Solo Show - Santa Fe
Squirrel Fiction/oil/14"x19"
I'm having my first solo show "Bright Spot" this Friday June 12th at the Klaudia Marr Gallery in Santa Fe, NM. The show consists of 27 paintings. Since I only had a few months to prepare for the show, some of the work is new and some you might recognize from recent posts. If you happen to be in the area please stop by at the opening.  I can't wait to check out Santa Fe! You can get a sneak peak of the show here -
3 pics - Preparing to ship for the show
Butterfly Telepathy
"Butterfly Girl"/14"x18"/oil
If a good idea doesn't come within the first few hours then that usually means that I'm in for a long difficult brain squeezing process. This assignment was for an article about financial advisers using targeted communication to reach a specific demographic, titled "Zooming In"  for PLANADVISER magazine. In the first few hours I came up with all the overused and tired imagery of giant eyeballs, archers, archers in giant eyeballs, archers in a mouth, people with giant eyeball heads and all sorts of telescope/lens images. I had a few passible images but I knew that none of them were winners. I'm one cranky person when I'm stuck in that struggle for a good concept and an image that I'm excited about. Luckily I had a few days to work on this one. Sometimes the concept process just takes a little longer then usual and you just hope that all the head and fist banging was worth it. I think in the end it just came down to working with imagery that I enjoy and incorporating those into the concept. I completed this piece just in time to fly out to see my little sis and her family in Chicago.

Butterfly Girl sketch
Close-up of my my sister/butterfly girl

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