Chris Buzelli
April 2009
The Science of Forgetting
Getting a job from Newsweek is really exciting - the turnaround is quick and the magazines are on all the newstands immediately. The article was about researchers discovering ways to erase memories. It's always a huge plus to get a really fascinating article and to be genuinly interested in the subject.

Here is a quote from Newsweek, "Memory enhancement is all the rage today with companies promising to sharpen our mental skills through a host of brain games and exercises. But what if you want to forget? What if some horrific experience--a car accident, rape or military event--haunts you, stops you from holding down a job, or interferes with relationships? Today, a small group of researchers are exploring both the science and medicine of forgetting."


The initial job was for a full page illustration and two spot illustrations. Then the full page changed to a half page. Then about an hour before the deadline it changed back to a full page.I experienced a little of the whirlwind that Dan, the art director, goes through in a typical week. Their expert photoshoppers added a little more background to the top for the final layout.
Portraits for SouthWestern Gas
These 4 portraits were for the Southwest Gas Annual report. I worked with Justin, the AD, on the same project last year and painted "Babe and the Big Blue Ox". This time, he saw my recent graphite paintings and wanted something similar. I rarely do portraits - so it was a new challenge and a great oppurtunity. I was given a small blurb and a snapshot for each employee.

"Gene Ruiz"/14"x19"/graphite and oil
"Lorri Davidson"/14"x19"/graphite and oil
"Bryan Motzkin"/14"x19"/graphite and oil
"Barney Aspa"/14"x19"/graphite and oil
Sorry for the long scroll but the following are the spreads from the annual report. For the adjacent pages, Justin, used my scan of paper that I yellowed before the drawings.

The Skinny Dippers
The Skinny Dippers/oil/14"x19"
Here is my painting for the Dellas Graphics promotional calendar. Jim Burke, a really talented illustrator, asked if I'd like to participate in his yearly project. The only requirement was to include at least one frog. Then he went on to name some of the other illustrators involved; Edel, Yuko, Sam Weber, Brad Holland, Gary Kelley, CF Payne and Bill Mayer. NO PRESSURE!
close-up woman
close-up man
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