Chris Buzelli
January 2009
Summum / oil / 14"x19"
Liberty magazine called with a cover job about Summum (a new age religious sect that prays in pyramids and mummifies its deceased pets and members). The article was about their case before the Supreme Court where they sued to have a monument, reflecting their beliefs, placed next to a ten commandments monument in a Utah city park.
sketch Summum
The AD requested a few changes from this original thumbnail.
Final drawing Summum
It seems that the Summum will most likely lose their case and we won't be running into any pyramid monuments in our parks. The story concludes with, "it stands as an important reminder to those who value religious liberty that a government that promotes the religion of some of its citizens threatens the religious liberty of others".
Summum/Moses close-up
Summum/park people close-up
Ship in a Bottle
Heart In a Bottle / oil / 14"x19"
Vim and Vigor magazine needed and image for and an article about microscopic, minimally invasive surgery. The AD wanted to get across the idea of performing heart surgery through a teeny opening utilizing a fiber optic surgical tool called an endoscope. We went back and forth with the idea of including an anatomical heart or a symbolic heart. In the end they went with the wooden heart with a metal patch in a glass bottle.
original sketch
Bright Spot / oil / 14"x19"
I'm still hooked on making elements in my painting glow and flowers keep popping up. This one was for the cover of CFO magazine. The article was about "finding the bright spots amid the gloom of our current economic environment". Thanks to the ADs, Robert and Heather, for a great cover design.
sketch "bright spots"
cover design
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