Chris Buzelli
May 2008
St. Supery
"St. Supery" oil 16" x 16"
My cases of wine finally arrived. I was contacted about a year ago to illustrate St. Supery for St. Supery Vineyards in Napa Valley, CA. Each year they pick a few artists to illustrate their Saint for the new vintage. Considering some of the past artists I was in really great company. The wine label that I illustrated was for their 2004 Elu which is a red blend of bordeaux grapes. A big thanks to Melanie Doherty (AD) and Michaela Rodeno (CFO) for a really enjoyable project. St. Supery actually owns the original oil painting and has a gallery at the vineyard of all the past artists. I'd love to visit one day.
Sketch 3 and 4
Final sketch
Beast Zoom
I was paid in $ and in wine. When they said that they would be sending my $1000 worth of wine, I thought I was going to be swimming in wine for a year. However, each bottle costs about $65. So, I can't send you all a bottle like I planned. SooJin and I opened a bottle last night. It was soooo good.
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