Chris Buzelli
The Owl, the Snake and the Whale
oil 8.5"x11"
The "Darkest Day" was for Illumination Magazine.
"During the daylight hours of May 19, 1780 residents of the Northeast ate meals by candlelight, reported night birds singing at noon, saw flowers folding their petals, and observed strange behavior from animals. Scientists and scholars have since puzzled over what might have caused “New England’s Dark Day.” Now researchers say they’ve solved the mystery: evidence from tree rings that reveals massive wildfires in Canada were the likely cause.
oil 14"x19"
"Liar" was for Common Ground magazine. The story was about risks associated with hiring association staff without conducting proper background checks.
oil 14"x19"
"Giant Obligations" was for SooJin at PLANSPONSOR magazine. For me the piece turned into a story about the "Ghost of Moby Dick".
close-up of Moby
close-up of Ehab

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