Brian Stauffer
November 2011
American Illustration 30
For the first time in numerous years I'll be missing the Illustration Week in NYC.  One of the downsides of living in CA is that I' constantly trying to find ways to get out of the studio and out into the ocean and on the trails, so it's time to pay the fiddler and get caught-up on work.
I especially hate to miss it because of all the great friends that I look orward to seeing there.  The fine folks of the illustration community have become my best friends, many of them are fellow Drawgers.  Next year I'll do a little less mtn biking and a lot more studio time in preparation for the week.
I want to the Mark Helfin and the judges this year at American Illustration for including two pieces of mine in the new book and show.  It's an honor, and one that no one should ever take for granted, to make it through the selection process.  The book is humbling to leaf through every year.  I always have the same response when I see the new book for the first time.  I think to myself "How does any single illustrator get enough work to survive, with so much varied and talented work out there?"  There's nothing like a giant wad of mind-blowingly great work in one volume to keep you focused on always improving.
The first of my two pieces was doen for The Seattle Weekly, AD Boo Davis, for an article about a dysfunctional jail system that is too-easily allowing inmates to commit suicide.  I titled the piece "Dying To Get Out".
The second is my "White Out" New Yorker cover.  There's more backstory on this image from an earlier post.  Thanks, again Francoise at The New Yorker.
"Dying To Get Out", Publication: Seattle Weekly, AD: Boo Davis
"White Out", The New Yorker, AD: Francoise Mouly
CCA Lecture Tomorrow Night
A few months back my good friend and fellow Bay Area illustrator, John Hersey, invited me to do a little talk for the fresh young minds over at CCA. I'm always envious of illustrators who also teach and get to interact with all the raw talent students bring to the table, so for me these talks are really exciting.  I'm hoping that some will bring along a bit of their own work to share after the talk. 
Looking forward to seeing you left coast folks tomorrow night!
CCA Illustration Program Presents
Brian Stauffer
Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Timken Lecture Hall, SF
CCA, 1111 8th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

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