Brian Stauffer
April 2011
Bedtime Story
This week's cover for the Denver Westword is a really sad tale about the short and abusive life of little Jason Jay Midyette.  At only eleven weeks-old his parents rushed him, unresponsive, to the emergency room.  What doctors discovered was a baby so broken and beaten that he would die a few shortdays later.  His mother was recently convicted of his murder but much of the truth behind the father's role and the events leading-up to the emergency room has yet to be revealed.  (story here)
I know I say this everytime a story like this comes my way, but this one was almost too tough to take on.  I sat down and tried to imagine the incredible betrayal of innocence.  This was the first image that came to mind.
Thanks to Jay Vollmar at Westword for the assignment.  Your input took the image to another level.
I'm gonna go hug my kids now.

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