Brian Stauffer
January 2011
Work Accepted In Upcoming SI 53 Editorial Show
Here's a handful of pieces that were accepted into the Society Of Illustrators 53 - Book and Editorial Exhibit.  I'm looking forward to catching-up with you all at the opening next week in NYC. Save some snow for me!

A big thanks goes out to the judges Philip Burke, Robert Hunt, Anita Kunz, John Korpics, Steve Charny, Janet Michaud, Scott Menchin, Kory Kennedy, and of course the SI's own Anelle Miller and Kate Feirtag who's tireless efforts make us shine.

Friday, February 4th, 2011

Refreshments 6:00pm 

Awards Presentation 7:00pm 

Third Floor Dining Hall will be open until midnight with Cash Bar and Live Music from

The Half-Tones

featuring Barry Blitt, Joe Ciardiello and Michael Sloan



$30 Members $35 Non-Members $20 Students 212 838 2560

January 26th through February 19th 
Tues 10 - 8 Wed - Fri 10 - 5 Sat 12 - 4

"Tears Of A Town" for The Riverfront Times, AD: Tom Carlson. About a town that grieving for a young man who hung himself from a bridge.

"White Out" for The New Yorker, AD: Francoise Mouly

"Blood In The Water" for The New Times, AD: Peter Storch. About a self-destructing corrupt layer.

War and the Brain, AD: Nicholas Blechman, for The New York TImes Book Review

"New England's Hidden Slave History", AD: Greg Klee, for The Boston Globe

"Sex Scandal Lunches", AD: SooJin Buzelli, for Plan Sponsor

"Settlement Construction Blocks Mid-East Peace", AD: Aviva Michaelov, for New York Times Op-Ed

"Gay Marriage and Immigration", AD: Andrew Nilsen, for SF Weekly

"Dueling Retirement Funds", AD: Joe Maher, for Smart Money

"The iPad Cometh", AD: Jason Treat, for The Atlantic

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