Brian Stauffer
May 2010
Water, for Earth Fragile Planet
I thought I'd piggy-back Marc's posting for the SOI Earth: Fragile Planet Show. Thanks to Tara Jacoby at the NYC Society of Illustrators for putting together the show and also for suggesting I illustrate "Water".  
The idea for this piece, entitled "Fish Out Of Water" or "Message In A Bottle" (I can't decide which title is best), came straight from the current events from the Gulf. 
Unfortunately, we won't be able to make it up for this show.  hope those of you in the city will take lots of pictures to share.
New York Times Weekend
Client: New York TImes Book Review. AD: Nicholas Blechman
Below is a handful of pieces done recently for various sections of the New York TImes.  A few of these appeared in this week's Sunday edition, others from a few weeks past.  Thanks so much to Nicholas Blechman at the Book Review, Peter Morance on the Science desk, and Corinne Myller at the Sunday Styles section.
The piece above was for a book review of Otto Steinhauer's, "The Nearest Exit", about a covert operator and assassin who wants to leave the shadow world while in the midst of an assignment to kill a teenage girl in a secret forest location.  The story involves multiple identities and deception.  (article here)
Client: New York TImes Book Review. AD: Nicholas Blechman
The above image was also for a review in a past edition for the book entitled, "The Untold War", by Nancy Sherman.  The book explores the lasting effects of combat on the brains of soldiers and the "inner war" that lasts long after the battles are over.  (article here)
There's a handful sketches below to show a bit of the process.  I'm not the best a generating a mountain of sketches, so when I do come up with more than just a few I like to share them.
This was my first time working with Corinne Myller at the Styles section but i certainly hope it's not the last.  The assignment for the piece below was for an article that questioned whether the coming-out of celebrities still carried an influence or benefit for the gay community.  
We tossed around a few ideas of varying complexity but settled on a simple solution of a star peeling it's outer layer to reveal a pink triangle, a long-standing symbol of homosexuality.  Thanks, Corinne, for going with an unexpected solution.
Client: New York Times / Style, AD: Corinne Myller
Over the past few years Peter Morance at the Health section has been the source of some really challenging topics.  The first piece below ran last week, about how the enemies we make at school can actually makes us better at dealing with life later on.  The article, written by Benedict Carey, suggests that in many ways we remain connected to these school yard foes and draw upon them during times of social stress.
The second image, also for Peter, was for a story about cronic overall body pain that is hard to articulate. The writer, Dana Jennings, describes in first person detail, how intense and chronic pain is a direct "path to humility". (article here)
AD: Peter Morance
New York Times Op-Ed
Thanks to Aviva at The New York Times for another opportunity to contribute to the New York Times OP-ED page.  The following image appears in today's paper for a piece entitled "The Academies' March Toward Mediocrity", by Bruce Fleming.  The editorial discusses how the focus on greatness has been undermined by the propping-up of weaker students who serve non-military interests like football etc.  (read here)
My personal favorite of the sketches was the image of the football player dwarfing and sinking a Navy ship.  Although the story led with a football anecdote, the editors wanted the image to be about the institutions role in weakening itself by producing cadets who needed academic "propping-up".
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