Brian Stauffer
September 2009
AI5000 Chock Full-o-Drawgers
I got the official email from SooJin Buzelli last night that the next issue of the online financial publication AI5000 is up and ready for prime time (see issue and works by fellow drawgers).  The issue contains works by fellow Drawgers Doug Fraser, Cathleen Toelke, Jillian Tamaki, Robert Hunt, John Cuneo, Chris Buzelli, and Walter Vasconcelos.  Well-done, all.

I was honored to have the assignment to do the cover of this issue on the topic of China's continuing transformation to a more capitalist-based model.  When I spoke with SooJin initially about the topic I'd assumed that given her tendency for pushing the envelope she would want me to stay away from dragons and other clichés we've seen on the topic of China.  But I was surprised when she said not to take anything off the drawing board, instead challenging me to find an interesting way to make those well worn icons fresh.

The solution was and old-world dragon whose scales, made of butterflies, were being shed to reveal a dragon of a different color.  Two clichés for the price of one but with a new twist.
Although this is a collage at it's heart, the main figure was created as a line drawing that developed from a very loose initial sketch.  The body of the dragon is a collage of textures I pulled from an old 1920's soup can ad.  The butterflies are just digitally reworked flat color textures.

Thanks again, SooJin for a fun gig.
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