Brian Stauffer
March 2009
Society Of Illustrators Lecture
It is both a great honor and total horror to be asked to be a guest speaker for the SI Lecture Series.
As a former AD turned illustrator, I thought it might be of interest to discuss the value I place on concepts in regard to my own work and how I wrap my mind around challenging topics. I'll show work of influencial illustrators and a handful of my own and talk about the process behind their concepts.
I think the young-uns just getting started in the biz will get the most from this event, but I'd love to see all my old and NYC pals.  I do hope to see you there.

Brian Stauffer: Developing Conceptual Thinking
When: Thursday, March 26th  6:30 - 8:30pm
Where: Society of Illustrators  128 East 63rd Street, NYC
$15 non-members / $10 members / $7 students
RSVP or call 212-838-2560



A New View Book
I'm a big fan of print self-promotions, but in this day and age it makes sense to increase your exposure anyway possible so long as it's cost effective and presents your work in a thoughtful way. For those of you who have not yet explored the potential of, I strongly urge you to.  It's a totally free site that allows you to upload an unlimited number of documents as pdfs which are then converted into digital books and magazines. 
Below is the current version of my viewbook that I have been sending out to clients, showcasing works from the past year or so (there's a couple of older favs in there too).  Response from my existing clients has been very positive.  In a number of instances AD's downloaded the pdf to include as part of client presentations.  We're currently working with an online publisher to make the book available in a print version one book at a time.
Did I say it was free?  They also make it simple to share and publish the documents by allowing you to customize and embed the player into your personal and social networking sites.  You are able to track the number of views and viewers can bookmark and sign-up for additional documents you may publish in the future. 
As I'm also working on a series of children's books, I'm imagining that this would make an excellent method for pitching  ideas to publishers.  Through settings on, you can make your documents public or private so you can keep your unpublished ideas between you and your clients.
I'm still a bit green at the whole experience but I'm happy to answer any questions folks might have when exploring what can be done.
Today's NYT OP-ED
One of the things I love about this field is the opportunity to contribute to the works and thoughts of historical figures.  Such was the case when Leanne Shapton at The new York Times called with an Op-Ed assignment for an editorial written by Nobel Prize recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu. (article here)
He writes about the reluctance of Africa's various leader's to cooperate with prosecuting Sudanese leaders with war crimes for the genocide happening there.  Archbishop Tutu's assertion is that the only way to lasting peace in the region is through justice for the millions of victims.
Thanks so much Leanne for letting me rub virtual elbows with a man of his voice. (about Tutu)
Alternate sketch1
Alternate sketch2
Alternate sketch3
Sketch which was initially approved
After getting an approval on this sketch we decided to make it a bit more dramatic by extending the arm.
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