Brian Stauffer
August 2007
For This Week's TIME
This is a recent image done for a Michal Kinsley commentary in TIME.  The story discusses the plights of the housing market.

The second image was for a Businessweek article that discusses how happy day traders are with a volatile market. 
In response to Approval of Expanded Eavesdropping
In my humble opinion the Democratic Congress hit a new low with it's seeming spineless approval to expand a policy they were extremely critical of only a few short months ago.

This piece was a personal piece I did a while back in response to the original revelation of the  abuse of the eavesdropping without FISA authorization.  It felt relevant to me again.
Oil Company Going Green
This assignment was for an Angolan run and owned oil company that is reinvesting a substantial portion of each dollar into the development of wind turbine technology, as well as, other organically grown alternative fuels.
From the past week
When it comes to personal non-commissioned work, I'm always jealous of the folks I see on drawger who spend a generous amount of time working on it.  For the longest time I just didn't feel that urge outside of the world of assignments.  Last year I started to play around with a few large scale pieces that involved a combination of collaged bits and pieces of my illustrations combined with hand painted elements and silk screened shapes.  All of these elements were layed down in multiple layers of this casting resin poured over doors purchased at home depot.  Attached is a shot of one in progress.

I mentioned it because this week I drew on elements from that freedom and experimentation when working on what might seem like a really drab illustration assignment from Computer World.  Although it may seem obvious to those artists who devote time to fine art persuits, I'm excited and surprised about where these unrestricted explorations will take me.

There's also a few pieces here below from the rest of the week.  There was a particularly fun assignment from The New Scientist in London about the rising interest by space explorers to include listening devices on planetary and deep space probes.
For the article "Translate This" about automatic translation software. Computer World
My recent large format personal piece from which I drew upon for the Computer World illo shown above. This piece was done on a large door. Each of the color shapes were separated by a 1/8 inch layere of casting resin. The background gradation is a single Epson print.
For a story about a small town that was torn apart by a tragic accident at a highschool football game. A student's leg was nearly blown off during a ceremonial cannon firing. The subsequent finger pointing revealed an ugly side to this community.
For a story about the rising interest to listen to the sounds of planets and celestial bodies.
Alsofor the Listening to Space feature.
For the article "The Long Road to Securing Infrastructure".
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