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Week In Review

JULY 30, 2007
I got a call friday morning from Aviva Michaelov, AD for New York Times Week In Review, asking if I might be able to pull-off a same-day cover for this past Sunday's section.

The piece questioned whether the integrity of sports really matters anymore to fans.  Even with all the doping, cheating, and just downright scripting of sports ranging from cycling , to baseball, to wrestling, stadiums are selling-out events at an increased rate.

I had hoped to do the combo wrestler/baseball player because I loved the ludicrous nature of it, but they went with the pills as training wheels.

As is often the case for me, when I finished the full image I felt that there was too much distraction from the main point in the image.  I recropped it and forwarded it along, removing the entire front portion of the figure and cycle, placing the attention back on the pills and the adoring fans cheering the rider on.