Brian Stauffer
October 2007
15 More Months!
I've been having a bunch of really heavy dreams lately.  You know the ones, they stick with you through the day like a hangover (sometimes combined with a hangover).  I'm attributing it to events in the world that seem especially vivd right now.  Although it's a pretty pathetic silver lining, more and more I have to remind myself that we are 15 months away from the end of the most destructive presidency in the history of our nation.

This morning I awoke from a nightmare I was having about Bush being re-elected for a THIRD TERM.  In the dream I was so enraged and disgusted at the lack of intellectual curiosity in the American society, resulting in his remarkable election to a 3rd term.  I wondered, "How will we survive it?  Who else will we go to war with?  How will we ever fix the environment?"  What will this say to the world AND to our children about our collective values, that we want him as our leader?"

Once I was finally awake and half the way through a cup of coffee, it dawned on me.   This is how I felt the morning after Bush was elected to his 2nd term in 2004.

That day I did this cover for the LA City Beat for an article that discussed how to go on living as an American in the face of so much ignorance.
Gotta Love GITMO
"Growing Old At GITMO" AD: Angela Moore
This is a cover for the Santa Fe Reporter's piece about a 26 year old Muslim young man who happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.  He was arrested, at the age of 21, in the company of "suspected" Al Qaeda recruits.  His lawyer won his release a couple years ago but the government has not complied.  The prisoner has been held at GITMO for 1/4 of his life.

The article is entitled "Growing Old At GITMO".  My intention was to use the growth of a beard on a young man's face as an indication of the time that has passed. 
I put the "Rough" in rough sketches!  Here's a couple sketches that led to the final illo.
An then the actual cover.
Some juicy topics this week
For TIME. AD: Edel Rodriguez
Revolutionaries, diplomacy and overheated runners combined in the past few days to make this a fun week in the studio.  I'm also posting a couple from late last week since they were data dumped in the now infamous "Crash of October".

For TIME I was asked to do an image to accompany a commentary piece about the lack of vaild, unbaised political entities who can negotiate peaceful resolutions to international rifts and human rights issues.  The writer argues that with the loss of our moral compass, America no longer holds sway in the world.

In today's New York TImes Op-Ed section I illustrated an opinion by legendary Olympic runner Frank Shorter who chimes-in on what really happened at the Chicago Marathon where vast numbers of runners overheating forced the cancellation of the event.  Brian Rea, the Op-Ed AD was a true pleasure to work with.  I'm attaching the sketches for that one as well.

From a previous posting that was lost in the Drawger data crash I include this cover for New Times here in Miami.  The AD is a wonderful and talented young woman named Ivylise Simones.  The story is about Roberto Alonso, a Miami transplant formerly from Venezuela, who is fomenting a political uprising against Hugo chavez.

And also from a previous post lost in the crash, from Rolling Stone Deputy AD Joe Newton came a great assignment on how as a culture, Americans have become so numbed and sedated by pop culture distractions that we don't give a damn about what's happening in the rest of the world.
New York times Op-Ed. AD: Brian Rea
selected sketch
alternate sketch
Miami New Times cover. AD: Ivylise Simones
Rolling Stone. AD: Joe Newton
Runners World Germany. AD: Grit Brüggemann
oh, and another running piece for Runner's world Germany, about ways to prevent injuries.
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