Julia Breckenreid
February 2009
CTTD Paintings
Right now I've got some work in a great group show on display here in Toronto at the Steam Whistle gallery called 'Cut to the Drummer', a project that was put together by Bepo + mimi - which, in case you didn't know - is driven by powerhouse Sandra Dionisi.  Check out the CTTD site to hear an interview I did with Alan Cross, the man and expert behind 'Ongoing History of New Music'.
Below is a painting I did of drummer Aaron Solowoniuk of Billy Talent, titled 'SKINS', as well a couple of shots from the show and another of this painting still in my studio... The other painting is of Archie Alleyne, titled 'Tension' - Peter Goddard, a reviewer at The Toronto Star newspaper, had this to say about the portrait: "Julia Breckenreid's Archie Alleyne – a deliciously shadowy image of the veteran Toronto jazz drumming stalwart – is a lyrical contemporary exception to this old-school approach."
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