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The State of Recordkeeping - PLANSPONSOR

AUGUST 8, 2017
PLANSPONSOR July 2017 Issue. Art © Bill Mayer.
 A great new assignment for SooJin, Well all assignments for SooJin are so much fun...this one no diferent... the constant preasure to evolve...This article was an interesting starting point. I did a bunch of thumbnails directions like usual all over the place... some false starts too much accounting... luckily SooJin found something she thought worked. I did a tighter sketch and then started painting. W ehad a trip planned to open up the cottage and check on thigs . Been some serious flooding on Lake Ontario. One of our neighbors had five feet in his front yard. Some poor watershed mamagement comeing back to bite the township with all of the new development. I wanted to give these giant plants an impressive scale so naturally adding a spectator
 My first bach of thumbnails completely off base. I had forgotten the unspoken thing we all must remember. No guys in suits,accounting machines andoffice tools. and SooJin gets me back on track ... for God's sake something with out a monkey please... I think I just went too litteral and not really the right feeling. 
These were working much much better... Some great ideas here I may come back to later... but deadlines closing in...
Tighter sketch of man eating plants I found reference on some beautiful pitcher plants and adapted them into the composition...
Some beautiful type design makes it all work. Much thanks to SooJin and the PlanSpponsor / Adviser folks... Allways a joy to work on one of these.