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Happy Holidays 2013

DECEMBER 31, 2013
 Happy Holidays guys.... It's been a fast year full of surprises. My family all gathered together this Christmas, all 48 of them. Wait, I thought there were only 45 but I am guessing a few girl friends of Nephews drove the number up. We'll be 47 soon, Two more babies in the pot.

Looking forward to 2014. and all it has to bring.  Babies and booze, I am thinking ample amounts of both will help me through 2014 ....This Series of little gouache and digital sketches have been fun to play with but I am feeling an urgency to get serious with trying to  work on some stronger ideas, do some real painting......Good bye 2013...
Dorothy Lemur.
The Immigrant From My Dreams To Yours.
Monkey Boy.
Fairy Catcher.
Blackwater Fiddler.
Turtle Love
Smoke and Bones
A quiet Harbour
The Industrialist II
Lapin Noir
The Thief

Steam and Doom

Midnight Snack

The Southern Woodcock

All Art © Bill Mayer 2013.