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Piauí Spot

FEBRUARY 18, 2011
spot Illustration for Piuai Magazine, Naturally © Bill Mayer 2011

Here's a little spot illustration I just did for Piuai magazine.had just emailed Cecelia about two pieces I did for her getting into SI west 49, and she said " It is a huge coincidence to find your email today: on our next issue we will have story that I think that you could enjoy. It is about the Versailles hotel it's an article about how they are opening the Versailles to tourist." We thought that a fun illustration would show a group of tourists checking-in wearing the usual tourist uniform (flip flops, shorts, t-shirts etc) but also huge Louis XV wigs instead of baseball caps or straw hats.The hotel lounge should resemble Versailles Hall of Mirrors, obviously.... My second thought was to make the tourist look like Berlusconi and one of his very young pornodiva!!!!... She was totally into this but the time crunch and I sort of dropped the ball on that. But a funny thought anyway...To read more about how you can be Queen for a day...Versailles

Thumbnails to tease the art director into doing the illustration...© Bill Mayer 2011
Here's the sketch, I did the hall of mirrors separate from the couple, really because of trying to get the simple perspective right ...© Bill Mayer 2011
here's the layout © Bill Mayer 20011

It's hard to find information on the hotel's status, but keep your eyes peeled. Here is an article with some background.