Barry Blitt
Goodbye LinkedIn
In the spirit of solidarity, I'm quitting LinkedIn. [I don't quite have the strength of conviction, the guts, that Drew has, obviously]
More Twain
A kids' book I've been working on, about Mark Twain, was supposed to be published yesterday, the centenary of his death.
[but I was late finishing the artwork, endearing me to the publishers and author, and it won't see the light of day until early
next year] Anyway, thought I'd post this image of the great man, since everybody else is.
[wow, that was exhausting]
Rock Well, Sockwell
If Sockwell insists on posting my stuff, I'm going to post his. Here's a cool image he did for the good people at Schwinn Bicycles. [though he drew this over 20 years ago, it's still as fresh as a daisy!] Way to be, Felix!
Attacked By McCain Supporters
Today, getting into my Volvo, I was grabbed by some elderly supporters of John McCain and robbed, beaten, and mutilated when they saw a copy of The Nation in the back seat of my car. One of them was Nick Wright, I think.
This is what we're up against,
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