Adam McCauley
February 2012
Oakland Zoo '12
©Adam McCauley

For months now I've been up to my ears in a few different book projects, but I've managed to sneak in a few extra things here and there.
This is the first of two images for this year's Oakland Zoo "Walk in the Wild" event advertising collateral.  It's the seventh year now that I've illustrated this event, thanks to the most excellent Zipfly Design
This year's first beast is the tiger.  The Oakland Zoo has a really nice, huge area for their tigers, grassy and tree-filled just like their native stomping grounds.  It's a good thing that there's a lot of space, because the zoo, being an orphan animal zoo, just acquired four new lady tiger sisters from a roadside freak show in Texas.  It's a happy ending to a rather depressing story, and a fun painting to put together.
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