Adam McCauley
September 2010

A meat-and-potatoes round up of some things I've been working on.  Above, for an article about the phenomenon of "Tip of the Tongue," for Pomona Magazine.  I love assignments with odd themes like this.
I always really enjoy working for alumni magazines.  This one above was for an essay about Muslim women who come to the U.S. to get their higher education.  It was done for Brown Alumni Magazine.
Above is a piece about ways to protect corporations from the myriad forms of cyber-terrorist attacks, illustrated for Business Voice.
Here are two illustrations involving cars, so I thought I'd just put them together.  On the left, for an article in PC World about maximizing the speed of your on-line connection.  On the right is a book cover for St. Martins Press, called "Accidents of Style," which is about advice on how not to write badly.  I need to read this book.
This was to be a book cover for Folio Society, but the project was killed (they ended up going with a typographic solution).  I was bummed because they were going to do it in three color silk screen using a metallic silver ink, which I'm sure would've looked really nice.  Called "The Middle Sea," they wanted an image working with historic maps of the Mediterranean circa late 1600s.

Following along the nautical theme, this was for an article about ways for an institution to ride out the storm of the Great Recession.  Created for Smith Quarterly via the venerable Ronn Campisi.

These are from a personal series that came out of the idea of cloud computing, or remote collaborative creation.  I'm working on turning these into an animation for iPad use, which I'm hoping to have finished by the year 2028.  Of course by that time Apple will have rolled out the iHolo SmartMonocle, and we'll all be expected to create our illustrations in holographic format (fees will still be the same, however).
I posted the image below from this series in memory of Geoffrey Grahn here on the drawg a while back.

OK, upon writing this I decided to finish my little animation.  Aren't you glad I did?  I know the iPad is.  Beware of heart palpatations if you watch this for too long...
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