Adam McCauley
April 2009
Google Suit
I got this in the mail yesterday and I'd wager many here did as well. I'd love to get a discussion going about it here!

Notable especially is it's pertinance to picture book illustrations.

Here's a Cnet link to an excellent article about this important settlement.

Long/Short, originally for SooJin Buzelli/Plan Sponsor
This is an interview I recently did for Diskursdisco, a design site out of Germany created by Vincent Wilkie.

For some reason, some monster stamp images I recently made have been garnering a lot of inquiries, including this interview.  I look forward to posting about the rest of that particular book, "The Monsterologist", once it's published in September.

The Road
Drew Friedman's Uncle Sam the coke head post inspired me to post this. Rejected NYorker cover idea. I pretty much knew this one was too cynical (entitled "The Road" after the Cormac McCarthy Novel) for actual publishing (gotta work on finding humor in this stuff) but thought it rung true somehow, at least out here in San Francisco, so I submitted it. Haven't submitted anything to them in over twelve years, but recently got some encouragement from some folks (thanks Mark and Barry). Also rejected, these two below. Again, too cynical I think.
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