Adam McCauley
April 2008
Attention! Do Buy These Books-
At least for your youngsters.  I recently got these in the mail., from the very cool Roaring Brook Press which just got gobbled up by Harcourt.  They did a really nice job with paper choice and unusual trim size.
I'd illustrated a cover of one of Betty Hick's earlier books, and really enjoyed her writing.  So when she asked me to illustrate her clever new series about a group of neighborhood friends, I said of course!
Each book in the series has it's own sports theme as it relates to one of the particular characters.  The first one out, Basketball Bats, was actually the second one I completed.  Next up is this one.
Then this one,  the interiors of which I'm working on currently.

After that, it's on to baseball...
Tax Day
Hmmm, it looks like the military is edging out pretty much everything - combined!
This has been updated...
Inside the Walls
Print samples...
As they are gutting the ground floor of our house, the guys have been giving us the items they're finding within the plaster walls.  Our house was first built in 1927.  Here is some of the ephemera...
The timing is perfect for us, as we may be able to use some of this stuff in one of the book projects we're working on.

Before they close up the walls we plan on leaving our own special things within...
These are from a tire catalog...from 1927!!!  The year the house was built.
interior spread
back cover
Business cards for a couple of insurance agents...
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