Adam McCauley
January 2007
King Cobra
All this Bush stuff had me think to dig this out of the closet, from Bush Senior's realm. 

I moved to Oakland in 1988, and was soon there after hanging out with my buddy who ran a great silk screen studio which produced political art.  Among other things, they made a popular line of t-shirts called "Reagan Wear", as well as a magazine called King Cobra. 
He asked me to do a cover, and we ended up doing it as a silk screen, each cover by hand.

It ended up being a four-panel fold out image of a whacky conservative carnival.
 Patrick Flynn at The Progressive called me after he saw this and got me started doing illos for them.
Ah, brings me back to the days of Dan Quayle, Iran Contras, crack babies and 1000 points of light. 
Like father like son. 
Experiments Two
If anyone's interested, I just started up another experiments gallery, these are all just random things on paper...
Houston Co., Inc.

I'm glad Steve Brodner is stirring up politics a bit here on Drawger.  He and Robert Hunt's posts inspired me to put this image up, a send-up of match-book art that I did for a show back in 02. 

I'm not sure what this piece means.  I was so depressed and angry, and frustrated I wasn't able to voice my opinions more in my daily work as a commercial artist.  I guess I was imagining that the whole thing was manufactured for us, Orwellian, simplified.  I'm still not convinced I was imagining things.

What's been good for me throughout these crazy times is that I've learned a lot, about history, about religion, and of course politics.  I've become a lot less doe-eyed about the way the world works. Yet, fortunately I feel extremely hopeful.

Anyway, back to the drawing table...
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