Adam McCauley
The Law of Convergence
Something has been bugging me.  Something, that is, besides the Congress, politics in general, the Antarctic heatwave, texting, Justin Bieber, the state of the world, etc.
That something is what I now have come to call the Law of Convergence.  Although I notice it's effects all of the time in all sorts of situations out in the world, I especially notice it every time I go for a jog in the neighborhood. 
Allow me to indulge myself in attempting to explain my theory, which I swear must be some basic principle of physics.
The following is simply an example of this effect...
First, imagine a young urban professional couple, getting an early start in going out for their anniversary meal somewhere out of town, in their SUV.  Likely heading up to Napa Valley (The French Laundry, one would assume), they arrive onto 16th street from the north.
Next, imagine a self-absorbed junior high school girl fresh out of class and walking to her baby-sitting gig.  She is walking down Rhode Island street going east.
Now, imagine that the house at 2142 16th street has been under some renovation lately, and the construction crew has had to cut a new gas connection to the city line.
Then, imagine you're me.  It's Sunday, and it's a three day weekend; the city seems blissfully vacant.  Jogging through empty streets is helping to bring on an especially peaceful meditative state.  Turning onto 16th street, you're amazed by how empty the street is.  No one to be seen anywhere, not even a car.

And then you see it: not far ahead, the sidewalk narrows, because of plywood barriers and construction tape due to the house that's being renovated, jutting out into the sidewalk, at the exact same place that a large treewell cuts into the other side of the sidewalk.

As you approach this narrow passage, all of the sudden the self-absorbed junior high-school student comes around the corner from Rhode Island street, headed straight for you. Getting closer, it looks as if you and the student are going to come to the limited access space on the sidewalk at the exact same moment.

Flummoxed, and thinking on your feet (so to speak), you decide it may be best to swerve out into the empty street in order to avoid this awkward annoyance.

Unfortunately, against all odds, an SUV comes up out of nowhere, slows to a stop and blocks your path into the street.
You're forced to stop your jog and squeeze through the narrow construction-taped passage with the student.

The moment you pass this bottleneck, the streets are once again devoid of anyone else, silent save the whir of chirping crickets.
The Law of Convergence has struck again.
I've noticed this more and more happening all of the time.  Did Einstein or Hawking or someone figure this out already?
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