Adam McCauley
June 2010
The Facebook Problem
Sign up now!  We'll just need a little required information first, but in no time you'll be sharing your life with all of your loved ones.  And of course, some less than loved ones as well.  And, frankly, some unloved ones.  Of course, the advertisers win out.  But that's ok; it's now a free economy, and that means whatever they're advertising to us is free also, right?  Woopee!! We're all free at last!
And then there is the whole identity theft thing...not to mention this creepy Singularity movement...hmmm...good luck to us all on that one...

An image painted for Ronn Campisi, who always picks my favorite sketch and then proceeds to make a lovely design with it.  Thanks Ronn.
Below, the interior piece.  Basically, the cloud is made from terms that represent people's least revealed online information.  The larger the font size, the more people want to protect the information.  Good thing the lil' feller has an umbrella, he'll likely be needing it.

For any students out there, my process went something like this.

Back to Ronn, and a new version of his original song, "Bright Lit Blue Skies," which he wrote, sang and played bass with The Rockin Ramrods - recently recorded by the young upcoming band Ariel Pink.  Here's the video.  As you'll hear, Ronn can write a bitchin melody and a killer song.  An art director who truly ROCKS!

The Charming Quirks of Others
I recently completed this, the seventh cover for the "Sunday Supper Club" series by UK author Alexander McCall Smith.
For this one, the setting is rural Scotland.  The art director and author usually give me a variety of elements to play with; often they include very specific, regional items and landscape reference.  At left is the back cover art, which features a sporan - sort of the old Scottish version of the modern day fanny-pack.  Below are the previous covers.
The challenge is always to simplify.  That and deal with the rather unforgiving design that I created way back for the first book, before I knew this would be a series!  I still have yet to read one of these books, but I look forward to getting the whole series as they seem to be quite popular in the UK and Europe.
I know every one has been putting up "process posts" lately, but there's not much for me to share here.  Basically, I paint with ink on board, scan it, color in PS.  I'd take photos but my camera is broken.  Besides, everyone here knows how to do this already!
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