Adam McCauley
April 2010
Communication Arts
Done for Irene Gallo at Tor this past year, this comic got into CA's Illustration Annual.  I've only sporadically entered CA over the years, and have only once before gotten a piece in.  That piece is below, another comic, done for Joe Kimberling at Los Angeles Magazine in 2005, maybe I should only enter every 5 years.  I guess CA likes my comics, who knows?
Also, I forgot I put up a Cafe Press store, if anyone is interested.  I decided not to do any of the Star Drek stuff with trademark issues at hand, but I do have a T-Shirt up with an image from the other comic I did for Irene, "Lord of the Ringlings".
Walk in the Wild 2010
I'll join the Earth Day posts (didn't do Mark Twain).
This is the fifth year now that I've done the advertising collateral for The Oakland Zoo's "Walk in the Wild" event, in which donors come to a special evening where they can stroll through the gorgeous grounds of the zoo and sample foods and beverages from local eateries, breweries and vintners.  As some of you out there know, I've posted these jobs over the years on drawger.
The dynamo team of Becca Reese and Alex Ashton of Zipfly design are always a blast to work with.  This year the zoo will be having a small gallery area near the entrance where they'll be showing all of the paintings I've done through the years.
This year's animals were The African Elephant and the Hornbill.  African Savannah and Thailand jungle.  The challenge with the elephants was to keep the scale correct with regards to the chef while making the chef the larger, central focus.  The other challenge was that this was the first time I'd worked digitally on this assignment, so I was trying learning on the job - and I learned I need to buy a cintiq!!
Above are the previous year's images, starting at the top from 2006. Flamingos in Tanzania, gibbons in Indonesia, river otters in Oregon, warthogs in Kenya, macaws in Brazil, giraffes in Namibia, lions in Zimbabwe and the Aldabra tortoise in the Seychelles.  They use these images for posters, brochures, billboards, etc.  Usually one is used on more of the materials and the other used for more specialty things, such as plaques on the food tables, etc.
This is the final sketch for the elephant piece.  I usually push and pull between the computer and the drawing table quite a bit in order to get the compositions just right for these.  The client had me axe the snout in the lower left, which I was bummed about, apparently it was distracting to them.  I also adjusted the area above the chef's head a bit to take advantage of the emphasis of the composition.
The hornbill sketch was a bit more straightforward.  I did decide later however to have her animal print be cheetah instead of zebra.  I've noticed the ladies like to wear their animal prints to this event!
My wife Cynthia and I were hanging out last night, cooking and reflecting on the day and what not, and we were "shooting the shit" as they say.  We were reflecting on the coming of the "free economy," where we can all just get anything we want, when we want it, for free, - and then instantly "tweet" about it to our friends!  Obviously, using this economic model, none of us will have any money to buy things anyway because hey, whatever we have to offer for sale is out there - free for the taking, and free to use to illustrate the new wave of "journalism".
So we came up with this idea:  A hoodie that is covered with social networks, in live time - combined with the Lotto.  What do you think?
We figured the zipper could function as a "scratcher" for the "big winnings," even as you "tweeted" your pals about what you'd be "doing tonight: lucky numbers!!!". There'd even be a special pocket to tuck away your "great way 2 get there" recyclable, a one-shot of the liquor of your choice.  The future is bright - and recyclable!

Fashion, in our post-post-modern era is destined to merge with technology - and I am ready to jump on that train: Tweeterclothing is only a matter of time. I sketched the concept out on our junk mail, a packet from Kaiser Permanante, seeing how they sent us a personalised package of insurance information which had a luxurious amount of plain white paper space upon which to "concept" - and "Thrive!".  Leave it to corporate print-bots to misspell Cynthia...

What do you think, should we patent it?  I guess it'll have to be free, so we don't foresee getting rich or anything. 
Rock Music
Alright peoples of Drawger, this ain't a "visual art"icle, but I figure this blog space can still handle something other than the random illustration stuff.
So... like a few other Drawgers, I play drums, and lately I've been playing a lot of drums.  Drumming is the perfect foil for drawing if you ask me, which you haven't, but hey it's my blog so this is what I'm going to talk about today!
Anyway, I'm playing drums for two different bands this weekend - on one show - and anyone in the bay area who has the vaguest interest and reads this blog will now know where these two bands are playing: Kimo's, on Polk, in SF, on April 18th.
The first band of the night is Canja Rave, on tour from Brazil, with the amazing and lovely Paula Nozzari on drums. They do not sound like Stan Getz and Jazz Samba, not even close -they are closer to the White Stripes. Well, sort of but not really. They rock.  Here's a video of them from some Brazilian T.V. show.  From what I have heard, they are the bees knees both on stage and off.
Next up is Bermuda Triangle Service, which I play drums and melodica for.  My wife Cynthia writes the tunes, which are a blast to drum on because they require all sorts of textural drum work. That means brushes and mallets and shakers and dynamics and stuff, for the uninitiated. Here's a book trailer video I did with the music.  This particular trailer uses one of our more deeply mellow tunes (which we don't often play live these days), and was produced by the great Karl Derfler, who's currently working on Tom Wait's latest (and very soon our new one too).
Headlining the show is a new band I've been playing with, The Bouvier Girls.  Here's a rough mix from a new album we are working on - this one is an instrumental.  This band is essentially punk rock, depending on your frame of reference I suppose.  This band has been kicking my butt in terms of drum chops, and is a complete blast to drum for.
Anyway, if any of this sounds in any way appealing, please come down.  Kimo's has been reborn with a fantastic sound system and lovely performance space, not to mention a good solid bar and dance floor.
All right then, back to the industry...
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