Adam McCauley
November 2008
Gold from SI / Book
I know I just posted this image, but I just got a wonderful call that these stamps won the gold in the book category. 
Congrats to everyone Marc, John, Leo, Edel, Chris - it's going to be a Drawger medal ceremony this year!  See you all there in February.
AI 08
Following Edel's lead, these are the entries that I had accepted in this year's American Illustration book.
These stamps are from a still secret book project that will be published next fall.
This piece was done for our great supporter, SooJin Buzzelli.  As we all know, SooJin lets us have fun and experiment on the clock.  Thanks SooJin!!
I posted these earlier in the year when they were first published.  Drawn as part of a series for the excellent Matt Petty at San Francisco Chronicle, a travel quiz.
Have fun at the party everyone!
Obama / Biden 08
More Halloween Cats
Here's the original cat image.
Every year I always think I'm going to finally get it together for Halloween.  Sure enough this year it arrived and I was late on deadline and was drawing frantically even as the neighborhood was abuzz with sounds of children coming out for trick or treat. 

Thankfully Cynthia had been getting the house ready.  She egged me to do a large cut out for our front picture window, so I decided to try out redoing an older image I had done for Martha Stewart Living back in 2006.

I printed it out, blew it up using a grid onto black paper and slapped it up on the window.  Cynthia took these pictures....this one is from our living room looking out toward the street through the blinds.
At night we made sure to back light it.
This is what Martha originally intended: pumpkin masks.  We did this once, and it worked quite well.

Drawger extraordinaire Cathie Bleck got the cover of that issue.

Here's the original cat image.
Anyway, happy Halloween everyone!
An addendum:  Here are the other three "pumpkin masks" from this same issue...
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